Lem vs. Cabela’s Meat Grinders

When it comes to meat grinders, Lem vs. Cabela’s Meat Grinders.

There are two major brands that stand out

  • Lem
  • Cabela’s

Both brands offer high-quality products that can get the job done efficiently and effectively. But which one is the better option?

To help you make a decision, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of Lem vs. Cabela’s meat grinders. Read on to see which brand comes out on top!

Lem Products

Lem Products has been in business for over 40 years and is a leading manufacturer of quality meat processing equipment. Lem offers a wide range of products, from manual to electric meat grinders. As well as sausage stuffers, dehydrators, and more.


Cabela’s is a well-known outdoor retailer that also offers a selection of quality meat processing equipment. Cabela’s has been in business for over 50 years and offers a wide range of products. Including manual and electric meat grinders, sausage stuffers, jerky makers, and more.


Lem vs. Cabela’s meat grinders are both high-quality products that will get the job done. However, there are some key differences to consider when making your decision. Lem products are typically more expensive than Cabela’s, but they offer a wider range of products. Cabela’s, on the other hand, is a more budget-friendly option and typically has better sales and discounts.

History of Lem Meat Grinders

Conceived in 1991 through Larry Metz, Lem Products has come a long way seeing that its inception and is nowadays considered an enterprise chief in the meat grinder segment.

This grabbed my attention, given that the business enterprise has been around for a few decades, hence, in my opinion, is extraordinarily trustworthy.

I then took a appear at the company’s portfolio and located they boast a large portfolio of merchandise that is geared toward avid hunters, processors, and domestic cooks.

Speaking of which, the Lem lineup consists of extra than 800 exclusive products, which are offered throughout 3500 shops in Canada and the USA.

I was once curious to comprehend the place these merchandises are manufactured and located that Lem meat grinders are designed in the USA, however, manufactured in China the usage of the most desirable satisfactory materials.

I see most merchandise nowadays manufactured in China. However, that doesn’t make them bad quality, so I used to be assured that I purchase from the business enterprise secure will serve me nicely for many years to come.

History of Cabela’s Meat Grinders

Founded by way of Richard N. Cabela in 1961, all Cabela’s meat grinders are manufactured in the coronary heart of the United States.

Products manufactured in the USA constantly win me over. However, when deciding on a product there’s a lot extra to appear for than simply that.

Today, Cabela’s appears as one of the most beloved, and well-recognized manufacturers in the United States with over 200 retail shops throughout the country.

I study the organization is a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops and has a huge 250,000 rectangular toes retail facility in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

My dad and mom have shopped at Bass Pro retail outlets for a while for all their fishing gear. For this reason, Cabela’s may want to be a winner for me.

Cabela’s additionally has different main agencies, Trophy Properties LLC, and the Gun Library, the place the former used to be offered to Sports Afield in March 2014.

Main Features of Lem Meat Grinders

When I checked out the listing of features, I located Lem meat grinders arrive with a prosperous set of features, which is one of the motives I trust they are some of the fantastic you can get in this segment.

Class Leading Motors

The patron evaluations made it clear to me that the Lem Big Grinder collection gives expert grade grinding every time, thanks to their class-leading 1.5 HP motors, which can grind at a whopping fee of 17 lbs of meat per minute through its #32 head.

Big Bite Technology

Further, the evaluations say that meat grinders from Lem function the company’s Big Bite technology, which speeds up the manner when grinding large cuts of meat, besides clogging up the machine.

Compact & Lightweight

I additionally don’t have a very giant countertop, and the exact aspect is that meat grinders from the Cabela household additionally boast compact and pretty lightweight footprints, someplace round 24.49 x 12.09 x 18.90 inches and fifty-five lbs.

Plus, they come with the entirety I wanted to get grinding proper out of the field inclusive of stainless metal grinding plates and a sharp stainless metal knife.

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Main Features of Cabela’s Meat Grinders

I desired to delve deeper to see what key facets made Cabela’s meat grinders such a hit in the market.

Although they weigh a bit greater than Lem meat grinders, roughly around ninety lbs.

They did provide an excessive surge of power, with their top-rated 1-3/4HP induction motor.

High Powered Motor
This motor lets Cabela’s meat grinders grind up to 19 lbs to 23 lbs of meat per minute, which is precisely the fee I want for uncooked foods for my puppy.

Heat Sink Technology
Adding to this, I saw they got here with warmth sink technology, which retracts warmth from the grinder’s head to hold it easily and cool at some point of use.

Heavy Duty Gear Drive
But that’s no longer all that caught my attention, Cabela’s meat grinders are outfitted with hardened, heavy-duty metal fundamental equipment and pressure gear, each tucked away in a completely lubricated tools housing.

Similar to Lem meat grinders, I took observed that Cabela’s grinders arrive with several specific add-ons inclusive of three sausage stuffing funnels, a two-piece snack stick funnel, and two or extra grinding plates, so I won’t have to purchase these separately.

Differences Between Lem and Cabelas Meat Grinders

But one of the most noteworthy variations for me between Lem and Cabela’s meat grinders is the producer guarantee period.

Lem grinders come with a five-year warranty, whereas Cabela’s grinders are backed by way of a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. This ability that my funding is a safeguard for years to come.

Lem meat grinders are lighter than most Cabela’s grinders, which is something I would think about if I used to be going to go the gadgets often. to go the gadgets often.

But I in all likelihood won’t as I have committed an everlasting area for it on my countertop.

If I was once to go the grinder, it was once first-class understanding that Cabela’s meat grinders do come with an onsite raise take care of to haul them around.

With regards to power, Cabela’s pinnacle fashions provide extra strength beneath the hood in contrast to fashions from the Lem stable.

Adding to this, Cabela’s meat grinders can grind greater meat per minute than Lem meat grinders, given that I do choose to grind a massive quantity of meat quickly, a Cabela’s meat grinder appears like a higher option.

The head of Lem grinders facets a rifled design, whereas Cabela’s with a deep-cut auger design.

Similarities of Lem and Cabelas Meat Grinders

When on the purchasing path for the great meat grinder, I determined each of Lem and Cabela’s meat grinders to be high-performance items, therefore I knew that there had been quite a few similarities between the two.

For starters, each comes loaded with features, beginning with high-performance motors for speedy grinds per minute.

Next, they each are heavy-weight units, but they characteristic strong construct quality, making them quite long-lasting for years to come with suited care.

Cabela’s and Lem meat grinders come with a brilliant sharp knife, which will enable me to reduce the hardest meats with ease.

I additionally got a storage drawer that’s positioned at the facet of the grinders, which I can use to shop all the add-ons of the unit.

And to pinnacle matters off, Cabela’s and Lem meat grinders come with all the fundamental add-ons wished to begin grinding, and lengthy warranties.

Advantages of Lem Meat Grinders

It’s clear to me that one of the largest benefits of Lem meat grinders is their capability to grind meat in a single pass, thanks to their double-edged knife and two grinder plates.

This capability that I can grind meat faster, and will assist me to acquire regular outcomes every time.

Furthermore, Lem meat grinders are geared up with a massive diameter head that is mated with an effective 1 HP motor. Which grinds meat like a warm knife via butter.

Advantages of Cabela’s Meat Grinders

When exploring countless Cabela’s meat grinder models. I couldn’t assist but note that they additionally rang in with a slew of excellent elements such as splendid overall performance motors that permit customers to grind quickly.

They are geared up with a high-output, air-cooled fan, which continues the grinders cool, and notably reduces the warm air switch to the grinder head area.

Additionally, Cabela’s meat grinders function with a special air-cowl design, and a ribbed motor cover, which once more optimizes airflow in the grinder.

Meat grinders from Cabela’s additionally come with a commercial-grade head ring nut, which permits me to without difficulty disassemble the blade, auger, and grinder plates.

Disadvantage of Lem Meat Grinders

I didn’t have a massive budget, so the largest downside of Lem grinders is their rate tag.

However, I additionally prefer long-term overall performance and provider life, which in that viewpoint are worth the investment.

Lem meat grinders additionally don’t come with reverse performance. However, are geared up with Big Bite technological know-how to forestall clogging at the grinder head.

Manufacturer warranties are additionally shorter in contrast to Cabela’s meat grinders. However, I was once assured that Lem meat grinders won’t disappoint me in the lengthy term.

Disadvantage of Cabela’s Meat Grinders

Most Cabela’s meat grinders are a great deal greater luxurious than Lem meat grinders.

However, once more do come with lifetime producer warranties. But this surely potential that I will have to pick a lower-priced mannequin from the company’s product portfolio.

They are additionally heavier than Lem grinders. However, this shouldn’t be a trouble for me due to the fact as stated earlier. I wasn’t going to cross my meat grinder often.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1). Which is Better, a Lem or a Cabela’s meat Grinder?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference.

Some people may prefer Lem grinders because they are made from stainless steel, which is easier to clean.

2). Main differences Between Lem and Cabela’s meat Grinders?

The main difference between Lem and Cabela’s meat grinders is that Lem grinders are made from stainless steel. While Cabela’s grinders are made from aluminum.

Lem grinders are also usually more powerful than Cabela’s grinders.

Additionally, Lem offers a wider variety of attachments and accessories than Cabela’s.

3). Which Brand of Meat Grinder is more Affordable?

Cabela’s meat grinders are typically more affordable than Lem grinders.

However, Lem offers a wider variety of attachments and accessories, which may make their products more expensive in the long run.

4). Which Brand of Meat Grinder is Easier to Use?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people may find Lem grinders easier to use because they are made from stainless steel, which is easier to clean.


There is no clear winner when it comes to Lem vs. Cabela’s meat grinders. It ultimately depends on personal preferences.

Some people may prefer Lem grinders because they are made from stainless steel, which is easier to clean.

Others may prefer Cabela’s grinders because they are more powerful and can grind more meat at once.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which brand of meat grinder is best for them.

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